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Plugins & Gear used by Masked Wolf | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Masked Wolf is a Greek-Australian rapper, born in Sydney, New South Wales. At the age of 13, he was already playing the drums, piano, and guitar. Incorporating his musical talent into the production of hip hop music resulted in the release of his debut single ‘Speed Racer’ at Teamwrk Records. Harry Michael Avramidis kept on releasing music on that same label, until 2021. His massive radio hit ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ took over the world by storm. This led to a multi-album deal at the major Elektra Records. Together with Bebe Rexha, he released his latest single ‘It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage)’ resulting in another hit record. We recently caught up with Masked Wolf to gain insights into his music creation process. Down below is the list of essential plugins & gear used by Masked Wolf. 



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Q.1. Top favourite Effects/Mixing/Mastering Plugins

Answer:  Little AlterBoy, Saturn, Melodyne, Valhalla Reverb & more

1. Little AlterBoy – this just adds a bit more flair to my voice in certain parts of the tracks which are heavily known in hip hop



2. Fabfilter Saturn – it just adds a bit more oomph to the voice, and brings it out of the mix a bit more



3. Melodyne – I think this is a great plugin for just really getting into the pitch and making minor corrections but not giving it that T pain style of autotune and harshness



4. Valhalla Reverb – In all honesty, the best reverb vocal plugin which is very simple to use



5. Cla vocal & Compressors – I am a bit of  Waves guys, so have these Cla plugins are a go-to for me and my voice



Q.2. Top favourite Gear


1. Microphone – tlm 102 – I use it at home, $1000 mic, don’t need…….




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Image Credits: Masked Wolf Facebook

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