List of plugins currently used by Virtual Riot

Virtual Riot is one of the most talented young producers representing dubstep and riddim scene. Coming from Germany, the 26-year-old is one of the few dubstep faces (if not the only one!)  – thanks to his amazing production and sound design skills – that has recently collaborated with one and only Skrillex and has an unreleased, but confirmed, a joint track with him in the arsenal. In one of the most popular labels of the genre, Disciple Records is an unprecedented top figure. His style is unique, and his tutorials published on YouTube are a confirmation of his creativity and ease of creating awesome music. Thanks to these mentioned videos we prepared a list of the top five plugins used by Virtual Riot in 2020. Hope y’all like it and some of you get inspired by it.

Plugins used by Virtual Riot:


1. Xfer Records Serum$189.00

Xfer Serum is a dual-axis synthesizer with an incredibly powerful effects package and a wide range of modulation options. The plug-in owes its popularity to its excellent sound, sonic versatility, and relatively simple operation. Osc, FX, Matrix and Global are four main Serum panels and its most specific effects are Compressor, Flanger, EQ, Distortion, and Reverb. Its creator is Steve Duda, who was helped in crreation progress by such leading electronic acts like Deadmau5 and OhmForce.



Probably all (for sure three) drops synths/ main sounds from his Save Yourself EP are made in Xfer Serum:


2. Devious Machines Texture$104.28

Thanks to Texture you can in incredibly easy, fast, and intuitive way make operations like gluing hi-hats, adding a low sine wave or dynamic filtered noise. Texture is a master effect to trace dynamics of sounds, altering & enhancing drums, and its library consists of 300+ in-built sounds. Key features? Dual filter, independent EQ sections, global control of Texture, Mix and Master levels, advanced attack, hold and decay controls…




3. iZotope Ozone 9$249.00 – $499.00

The iZotope Ozone 9 provides a balance of music with unprecedented lower bandwidth processing, real-time instrument separation and a rapid workflow based on machine learning. In addition, it brings balance to your music with the latest advances in machine learning in sound mastering. What is in Ozone 9? iZotope’s plugin has a lot of features, like master rebalance, low end focus, spectral shaper, and dynamic EQ. Full overview and specification can be found here.



Virtual Riot is using Ozone 9 at the end of this video:





4. Xfer Records LFO Tool$49.95

LFO Tool is a unique low-frequency, revolutionary in modulation, creation, gating, and auto-pan, oscillator. Its mainly used as a mixing and creative tool, but you can use it for example to sidechain compression. LFO Tool allows you to sculpt custom LFO curves & shapes, and is packed with 100+ presets, including filter shapes like Low/ High pass, Bandpass, and some sidechain presets.




5. Sonic Academy KICK 2 – £49.95

KICK 2 is a multilayered powerful design system for easy sculpting, shaping, making and manipulating kick drums. Virtual Riot is also using KICK 2 for creating snares. This main Sonic Academy plugin comes with over 200 presets in different styles – Drum & Bass, Progressive house, Trance, Techno, Trap, or even Pop, and contains over 150+ click samples. Read about all product features here.


More plugins used by Virtual Riot:

6. Zynaptiq Morph – $169.00

7. Native Instruments Massive – $149.00

8. Native Instruments Kontakt 6 – $199.00

9. u-he Diva – $179.00

10. Waves API 2500 Compressor – $35.99



Information sources: Disciple YouTube channel

Image Credits: Splice

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