review_ spitfire contemporary drama toolkit

Review: Spitfire Contemporary Drama Toolkit

Spitfire Audio is well known for its exquisite tools for writing music. Be it film scoring, pop or electronic music, their tools are extensively used in any field of music production. One of the latest additions to their vast collection of plugins and Kontakt instruments is the Contemporary Drama Toolkit. The Kontakt library comes out as a collaboration with British composer, producer, and songwriter Samuel Sim. Down below is our complete review of the toolkit.


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Contemporary Drama Toolkit is a vast collection of patches primarily concentrating on portraying a dramatic and emotional experience.  Including 44 different combination patches, 72 individual instrument patches, the Kontakt library is a combination of vintage tones, Roland Juno-6 analogue polysynth samples and textures from Korg MS-20 analogue semi-modular monosynth. Apart from the analogue pads, leads & textures the toolkit also comes in with Guitar, Cello, Violin & Vocal samples.

Each patch operates on the basis of velocity triggers. Divided into three sections: Texture, Soft & Loud, the tonality of each sound varies based on the velocity of the note played. Texture mode is for beds/textures whereas Loud mode is for forefront leads & powerful sounds. The Soft mode fills the gap between the two. The patches as one would expect from Spitfire are very organic and perfectly emulate the live instruments and synths.


Contemporary Drama Toolkit is available at a price of £169.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/ $199.00 USD/€199.00 EUR (inc. VAT) and can be downloaded from Spitfire’s official website.


For creating dramatic sequences and portraying emotions, we truly believe the library does a pretty decent job. However, in case if the former mentioned use cases aren’t something you counter often in your production process, this might not be the best choice for you.

Check out the complete walkthrough of Spitfire’s Contemporary Drama Toolkit down below.



Image Credit: Spitfire

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