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Røde reveals the Rødecaster Pro 2 Audio Production Studio

Røde reveals the Rødecaster Pro 2, the updated version of the highly cherished Rødecaster Pro. Røde delivers many products like Microphones, Headphones, Interfaces, and Software for different creatives like streamers, musicians, and content creators. The Rodecaster was made to be the most professional solution for musicians who want to record and mix audio in connection with a DAW and make content on the highest level possible.


The Rødecaster Pro 2 stayed obviously in the same clean and uncluttered look as its predecessor. But the 5,5-inch high-definition screen now has a slight angle to see the mixer tracks better and can be controlled with a haptic feedback touchscreen. All 8 Smart Banks with pads stayed and you can connect them with direct effects like Voice Effects, Reverb, Echo, Pitch, and Robot FX. Its unlimited usefulness can be seen with the connected MIDI controlling.


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Microphones, Instruments, Line Level Instruments, and other gear can be connected with the Rødecaster Pro 2 to get a crisp & clear sound through High Gain Revolution Pre-Amps and the Low-Noise level engine. Connected with APHEX studio-grade audio processing and onboard effects there is no boundary to record everything you need. With the 9 assignable channels & 6 broadcast-quality physical faders you can directly mix your recordings to taste.


While the first Rødecaster Pro was just able to record plugged-in audio gear, the Pro 2 is able to record and be connected with advanced Bluetooth connections for Calls, Speakers, and mobile phones. Your recordings can be saved on a microSD card or USB storage device and your computer. To ensure that creatives always have the best software and can maintain the high quality of recordings, it can be updated wirelessly regularly or you can download them via Røde Central. The Rødecaster Pro 2 is available now for Pre-Order and is priced around 849 Euros.



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Image credits: Røde