Scott Storch teames up with KRK for a limited edition speaker

KRK Systems is profound in developing studio monitors, headphones, and subwoofers for all-around producers, musicians, and sound engineers who are seeking sub-heavy equipment. The company is well-known for their Rokit Series under the likings of the biggest names within the industry such as Armin van Buuren, Al Clay, Dave Isaac, and many more. A new addition has been included in the Classic Series by non-other than Scott Storch.


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KRK has never worked together with an artist developing their own studio monitors, but that changes from now on. The legendary beat-maker is the lucky person to have its own KRK model. This Limited Edition Signature Model is the company’s first-ever product, included in the Classic Series. The character and power these monitors generally offer persuaded Scott to get his hands on one of them. He mentioned using these speakers extensively throughout his career and this opportunity is a full-circle moment for the artist. The Scott Storch Classic 8ss started building on the foundation that the Classic 8 ones are offering by applying Scott’s wishes.


The rear panel is electroplated in Gold Chrome, featuring Storch’s signature. The same appearance as the original Classic 8 version has been maintained by the company but there are some new additions to the processing side of the product. Expect the sonic accuracy and performance power you’re used to but the artist brought it back to default with a new flat frequency solution. This results in a more accurate listening experience for critical listening hours. Inside the casing you’ll find a 1” soft dome tweeter (including a 25W Amp) offering a clear high end and an 8” glass woofer (including a 75W Amp) which delivers the sub-heavy low end.


Image credits: KRK

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