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Splice introduces new AI-powered Stack feature

For many producers around the world, Splice offers a treasure trove of samples and sounds that help enrich projects and inspire new works and tracks.  Now the popular platform is looking to further improve upon its offering by creating a new tool that will allow users to create stacks in order to help layer sounds and inspire creativity.

For users of the CoSo app, the new Stack feature will be familiar as it has been available for several months on the platform.  Now the team at Splice is looking to bring the Create feature to the Splice website and is currently offering the technology in a beta format.  The new Create button will allow users to create musical ideas using up to eight layers from the vast library of sounds on Splice and then save them for future reference.  Helping spurn the creative process and efficiently create the stacks, Splice is utilizing AI-powered technology to help craft these never heard before combinations and ideas.  To further provide limitless inspiration, there is no limit to the number of stacks that can be created and saved to a library, however, only those users with a Subscriber account will be able to download the ideas into their own DAW.

While the new feature is certainly a fantastic tool for helping discover new sounds or sparking fresh inspiration, the team at Splice does stress that the AI-powered software is meant to assist in the creative process, not to replace the human element and natural production course that artists take.  As noted previously, the current Create feature is still in its beta form and the team at Splice is welcoming users and producers to explore the new feature and provide feedback so they can better hone the product in upcoming months and years.

Give the latest feature from Splice a try and see what combinations of sounds come together!

Image Credit: Splice

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