Sonicware LIVEN Texture Lab Synth

SuperBooth2023: Sonicware unveils LIVEN Texture Lab synthesizer

Crafting and designing their audio equipment in Tokyo, Japan, Sonicware is a leader in synth design and electronic music gear.  The Japanese company is now adding a brand new synth to its product line that will operate as a granular synthesizer and FX processor.

For audio creators and designers, having the right tool is essential for an efficient workflow and crafting the perfect sound for the application at hand.  Many studios are filled with various synths, as different models and designs offer a wide array of functions, practical use, and most importantly, sounds and FX.  Japan’s Sonicware has utilized the 2023 SuperBooth Expo to reveal its brand-new granular synthesizer, the LIVEN Texture Lab.  Utilizing a granular processor, the brand-new hardware device is able to slice sounds into “grains” ranging from 2 ms to 1 second in length, and then manipulate a variety of parameters to create a new sound.  Check out the diagram below to better understand the process:


Sonicware Granular Synthesis

Image Credit: Sonicware

The LIVEN is also a 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer that is capable of recording 32 samples and then taking grains from those recordings, modulating them through an envelope, or processing the sound through other filter types.  For even more unique sonic creations, the Texture Lab can operate an effects processor for real-time granular processing and even freeze the flowing signal for six seconds to add granulated sound effects.  On top of the powerful granular processing, as well as a suite of quality reverb effects, the Texture Lab also functions as a 128-step sequencer.  The powerful hardware can record changes in granular processing over time, as well as record knob operations in real time or record direct parameters for more complex sounds and outcomes.

The Sonicware LIVEN Texture Lab granular synthesizer is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship by the end of May.

Image Credit: Sonicware

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