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WAVS: Game-changing sample subscription service empowering music creators

In the constantly evolving world of music production, access to high-quality samples, presets, MIDI files and stems is essential for creating original tracks. Yet sifting through the sheer volume of audio resources online can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process.


This is where WAVS comes in. The innovative subscription-based platform is a game-changer for music producers, providing instant access to many tools to spark creativity.


Founded by an experienced team of music producers behind hits from Rihanna, Dua Lipa, DJ Snake, and more, WAVS intimately understands the needs of today’s artists. What sets it apart from other sample websites is its unique creator-first approach.


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What makes WAVS stand out?

The distinct feature of both buying and selling audio resources not only adds to the diversity of the platform but also ensures that these creators receive credit for their work and earn royalties for their contributions. The idea behind the site is to create a community of creatives who can buy and sell to fellow music producers. WAVS’ intuitive dashboard is easy to use, allowing creators to upload their samples, keep track of their real-time statistics, and view their earnings daily. This transparency and control sets this platform apart as a creator-focused platform. 


There are plenty of samples all across the internet, the tough part is finding the right sample for your track in the least amount of time. This is what WAVS specializes in with its categorization and curation of samples. 


How to get started with WAVS


The website is primarily divided into 2 sections: Discover & Sounds 


Discover section: 

The Discover section guides you through some of the best and newest samples on the website. Within the featured banner, you’ll find various handpicked collections, each with a short description to give you an idea of the sample category before even listening to the sounds.

For eg: 

last of us wavs

Image credits: Wavs.com


The Last of Us collection

This collection delivers 10 original samples, masterfully constructed with the very same instrument – the “ronroco” – used to forge the captivating theme of the acclaimed “The Last Of Us” TV series. The ronroco, a South American string instrument from the charango family, conveys an ineffably ethereal and evocative tone that resonates deeply within the soundscape of the series.


Once you scroll down, you’ll find new sample packs and top new samples listed on the platform, along with genre-based categories.


Next comes the Trending tab, where you’ll find the best-performing packs uploaded within the last 3 weeks. This is followed by Presets, Selections, Creator Spotlights, and more.


Sounds Section:

Here you can find all sorts of sound categorizations. Within Explore, you can choose from samples, packs, presets, MIDI, and one-shots. Within the genre-based categories, you can find samples for specific genres like Hip-Hop, Trap, Soul, R&B, and more. The next categorization is based on instruments including compositions, guitars, vocals, drums, etc.



WAVS’ offers 3 subscription tiers, which cater to different requirements and preferences. The three subscription levels – Starter, Pro, and Premium – ensure that musicians can find the perfect fit for their creative journey. 


The annual Starter tier, priced at just $5.40 per month, grants subscribers 25 download credits each month. 


Stepping up, the Pro tier, priced at $9 per month with an annual subscription, doubles the credits to an impressive 50 per month. 


For those seeking the ultimate experience, the annual Premium tier, priced at $16.50 per month, provides a substantial 100 monthly download credits. 


WAVS is currently offering a generous 7-day trial period for newcomers. During this trial, users receive an initial 5 credits free, allowing them to dive into the platform’s offerings and get a firsthand feel for its capabilities.


In conclusion, WAVS is more than just a subscription service; it’s a community, an empowering platform, and a haven for music creators. By offering a range of subscription tiers, a generous trial period, and a revolutionary approach to content sharing, WAVS is quickly establishing itself as a trailblazer in music resources. WAVS not only recognizes the contributions of creators but allows them to flourish. With its roots deeply embedded in the music industry, WAVS understands the intricacies of artistic expression, and its community-based approach reflects a commitment to the betterment of music producers and musicians alike.


Check out their official Youtube channel below, and sign up for WAVS here.








Image credits: WAVS

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