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Out of all the partnerships to come from EDM’s talent pool this past year, there was one that undoubtedly took the gold. Industry tastemakers Porter Robinson and Madeon’s ‘Shelter‘ release was a sweeping Billboard tycoon that remained in the scene’s forefront for months on end. Following with a live tour, the duo’s international success is one that deserves respect, and will remain a significant moment in electronic music for years to come.

Although the twosome still have two upcoming Coachella appearances this April 16th and 23rd, their last singular stop resulted in possibly their best performance to date. Located in Australia’s Hisense Arena, the final ceremony was an obvious whirlwind of emotions for two, and really helped define their partnership and respect for the others contributions.

Below are a slue of fan videos taken from the show this past February 26th, hopefully enough to give some insight on Shelter’s environment, fan reaction, and overall tour aesthetic.

H/T Reddit: electronicmusic / porterrobinson