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Eclectic and Madeon are two words that intertwine seamlessly, and for good reason. The Frenchman has never followed the typical rules of production and DJing, defying boundaries with his legendary launchpad 'Pop Culture' mashup, and stunning the world with his Shelter tour alongside close friend Porter Robinson. That innovative approach remains at the forefront of his arsenal, with the latest

French genius DJ and producer Madeon has presented his long awaited and highly anticipated track 'The Prince', which is out now and available in all streaming platforms via Columbia Records. The young melodic artist has unveiled the final result of 'The Prince', a track that has been widely demanded and requested by his fanbase and now, it's finally seeing the light.

Madeon was the mop-haired French kid best known for his incredible live skills, using synth-pads, synthesisers, and samples, bursting onto the scene with his mind-blowing mini-mix during his teenage years. Porter Robinson was the brightest burning star in the EDM galaxy, showcasing his talent on 2012's ultimate festival banger 'Language' and follow-up Mat Zo collaboration 'Easy' in 2013. But on

When assessing the biggest names in electronic music over the course of the past decade, Porter Robinson is certainly a name highly deserving of a mention, on account of the producer's incredible diversity in the studio. After taking over the worldwide festival scene in the summer of 2012 with his high-energy stormer 'Language', Porter also teamed up with Mat Zo

The new year 2019 is only 3 days old and it already began with a huge surprise. More precisely, for the people that attended the New Year's Eve party of the Brownies & Lemonade Lounge in Los Angeles. After the venue posted some hints of special guests that would appear during the night, fans came to the conclusion that the French

Even at the young age of 24, Madeon is already considered one of the most complete and accomplished artists in the electronic scene. After celebrating his birthday in May by releasing a special version of his hit 'Shelter' with Porter Robinson, the French also recently celebrated that very track turning 2 years old. The fact 'Shelter' still sounds fresh and unique all this time

2 years have elapsed since Porter Robinson & Madeon's colossal collaboration 'Shelter' made its way into the hearts of fans all over the world. A mainstay on mainstages across the globe, the track proved to be a great success. While it didn't necessarily set the charts on fire, the culmination of two of electronic music's most intrinsically gifted minds garnered a gargantuan cult-like following and

French star Madeon has been making a major impact on the scene, through his solo releases as well as his collaborative work with American DJ/producer Porter Robinson, with whom he collaborated on his latest track, 'Shelter'. The artists also joined forces on their Shelter Tour, a series of performances that captured the hearts of their audiences across the globe. Having

American EDM sensation Porter Robinson has sent his fans into overdrive with the release of a cryptic poster featuring the producer's recently announced Virtual Self project. The news broke on social website Reddit, where fans began to obsess over the meaning of the image, which can be seen below. Having gained worldwide acclaim through his Shelter tour with French electro star Madeon, Porter

When Porter Robinson and Madeon's 'Shelter' is mentioned, the idiom "time flies" is automatically associated. One year ago, the short film that kicked off the Shelter tour was released. In addition to that, the last Shelter show was performed 6 months ago in April at Coachella. While the collaboration is over, fans will forever reminisce what was an exceptional tour The collaboration between the two talented

One of the best team-ups to come out of the decade is that between Porter Robinson and Madeon. The Shelter duo are truly exceptional artists in their own right and together they're nothing short of spectacular. Musical soulmates, if you will. The duo's Shelter project took them to the top of the electronic music scene with their tour and of course