Jay-Z’s ‘Tidal’ Wave In Possible Disarray

Jay-Z’s latest project could be nearing the rocks before it’s even set sail.

With the entrance of Apple Music into the saturated market, where Spotify has over 75 million users, Tidal’s vision for a streaming transformation could be short lived. With debatable differentiation in streaming quality, Peter Tonstad’s departure as CEO could prove the indicator of a sharp decline.

While Tonstad was only an interim CEO, it reflects a possible unsettling within the management, which spans from the US to Norway. Tidal has stated the move is part of a phasing in of a permanent replacement for the role, although the seemingly sudden exit of Tonstad appears after only 3 months seems to be more of a red flag than a sign of progression and development.

Leaving minimal indication of the current situation Tonstad’s short statement – “The only thing I can confirm is that I have resigned.” – gives a theorists and conspiracy theorists alike bait for debate over the current circumstances.

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