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According to the website ‘‘, french superstar David Guetta received a lawsuit for six million dollar. The dj is accused of copyright violation on one of his latest hits: Dangerous.

The federal lawsuit was moved by Andre Dudek, who claims that the #1 hit of the famous dj is identical to one of his songs, dated back to the ’80s, entitled ‘Illuminations’. But the track in question was copyrighted only in 2015, a detail that could change the whole thing!

Dudek sued not only David Guetta, but also the singer Sam Martin, Warner Music and Atlantic Records. The request is very simple: get the profit of the song, considering the earnings of the french producer from the sale of the copies and the advertising agreements with telephony colossus T-Mobile, which used the song for one of its commercials.

The entourage of David hasn’t issued any press release or statement about the question. We will keep you updated on the issue.