Dillon Francis Skrillex

Dillon Francis & Skrillex – Bun Up The Dance

The Moombahton genre is often sought after but never really gets the recognition it deserves.  Dillon Francis launched his career with his breakthrough hit “Masta Blasta” back in 2012, and since then, has often given us some short-comings in comparison. Not to say Dillon hasn’t produced some new fire, he certainly has, just not in the rump shaking moombahton fashion we were briefly exposed to.

Well, friends, the wait is officially OVER. Dilly franco teamed up with best bud and household name, Skrillex, to drop an absolute inferno of a moombahton jam with “Bun Up The Dance”. It encompasses every single piece of a hit moombahton track that we have all been craving for who knows how long. Coming off of his highly anticipated EP This Mixtape is Fire, we can only hope the moombah revival stays going strong. If anyone can make it happen, Dillon Francis can.

Photo by Rukes