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On this day in 1997, legendary dance group Scooter unleashed one of their most potent hits to date. 'Fire' did exactly as it said on the tin, with the euro-dance specialists launching into a full-energy assault on the senses. Now turning 24 years old, this one still sounds as fresh as ever and is guaranteed to get you dancing! Peeling

Martin Garrix's dons his Ytram alias to drop a brand new single with UK producer and vocalist Elderbrook called 'Fire'. The world was introduced to 'Fire' about a month ago, during Martin Garrix's closing set at the mainstage of Tomorrowland: Around The World. Almost immediately, devout fans of Garrix recognized the tune as a unique sound, something that Ytram perhaps would put out. Garrix,

According to reports, a fire broke out at Coachella last night. One of the biggest festivals in the world, which takes place in the Colorado Desert is facing some serious troubles. Just a few hours ago, shortly after the first day of the festival was concluded with a remarkable performance of Childish Gambino, an explosion was reportedly heard by attendees

If there is any dubstep producer worth keeping an eye on, he would be the highly skilled Freaks'n'Beatz. The up-and-coming artist recently presented another deadly tune in the form of "Fire", which effectively showcases the high-caliber talents he undeniably possesses. Hailing from Los Angeles, Freaks'n'Beatz has emphatically made his mark in this industry especially with his debut single called "Shadows". With his

The Moombahton genre is often sought after but never really gets the recognition it deserves.  Dillon Francis launched his career with his breakthrough hit "Masta Blasta" back in 2012, and since then, has often given us some short-comings in comparison. Not to say Dillon hasn't produced some new fire, he certainly has, just not in the rump shaking moombahton fashion

There's just something about the Jungle Terror sound that is taking the EDM world by storm. Be it the bone-shaking percussion, heart-thumping kicks, and common use of tribal vocal samples - it's as if it hits some sort of primal note in our brain that sets our bodies into a rhythmic craze. Leading the charge for this sound is none other

One of Las Vegas' premiere venues and hotels, The Cosmopolitan, has been engulfed in flames and smoke. While no official reports have been released, pictures have begun circulating around social media showing the horrific site. One of the Las Vegas strips most famous hotel-casino's, it appears the source of the fire is from the Bamboo Deck, erupting up the hotels