F*** Me I’m Racist? – David Guetta slammed for being culturally ignorant

To recap on David Guetta ’s recent publicity stunt at Pacha Ibiza’s opening party – He brought a live horse into the nightclub and dressed the dancers with Native American clothing and war bonnets to create a “Wild Wild West Theme” at his “F*** Me I’m Famous!” show.

Every Thursday @ Pacha : F*** Me i’m Famous !★☆★ DAVID GUETTA & FRIENDS ★☆★

Posted by F*** Me i’m Famous on Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Where do I even begin? First he neglects the animal rights by bringing a large horse into a dark room injected with loud music and a frenzy of intoxicated club goers, posing potential hazard to the crowd. Then he moves on to disrespect the Native American culture by prompting the inappropriate use of war bonnets and displaying sacred ancient traditions in a crude manner.

As many of you might have noticed, many music festivals now discourage or even ban festival-goers from wearing war bonnets as it is a sacrilegious act against Native American culture. Most of the community has since refrain from such behavior but apparently David Guetta missed that memo.

The EDM community has burst into an outrage because of his actions and here are some of the comments that he has received:

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Source: ukf.com