Gigi Hadid joins Calvin Harris for new Video

‘Gigi Hadid in a music video’. A headline few would complain about.

Calvin Harris is a big enough name to feature in his music videos. Proven with “Summer”, “Blame” and pretty much his catalogue of videos to date. Harris’ latest one for his collaboration with Disciples, takes a more feminine, sultry direction.

With Gigi Hadid clad in pretty minimal clothing at the best of times, “How Deep Is Your Love” is infused with a sense of desire and intrigue. With Hadid a close friend of his girlfriend Taylor Swift, it seems future videos may follow a similar path of recruiting A-List models. No qualms with that idea.

And with the remix package also out last week, it makes it a busy time for Calvin Harris.

Wandering from exclusive boats to exclusive club scenes, the video has very few links to the lyrical content, other than Hadid’s perfect hair and face portraying a more subtle, emotive message.

Check out the clip below!

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