TomorrowWorld expands into Restaurants + Totems

As TomorrowWorld enters its 3rd edition, it appears the organisers simply aren’t happy with having one of the most popular themes, set-ups and concepts in the festival industry. Striving for excellence and perfection, they’ve recently announced the presence of the TomorrowWorld Restaurant and Totem contest.

Partnering with Top Chef finalist, Kevin Gillespie, it appears the organizers couldn’t wait until September to announce the new feature. Bringing his Red Bear Restaurant bran, the Chattahoochee Hills will not only be home to top music, but also top cuisine. With 3 different menus each day of the festival, cutely named called Tomorrow’s Table, ‘Chef Gillespie’ will be creating each menu to match with one of his restaurants. Jealous yet?

Day 1 will serve the BBQ of Terminus City, Day 2 will serve the iconic flavours from around the corners of the globe in the form of Gunshow, and Day 3 will bring a traditional menu from the South in the form of his brand-new Revival restaurant. Not stopping at just that, the Chef will also be preparing take-away picnic baskets and an exclusive 10-course dinner cooked and served by himself all while over-looking the incredible Main Stage.

Their second announcement featured its TomorrowWorld Totem contest, where you can win free VIP tickets. Cheekily and creatively having fans craft their totems to represent this year’s ‘Key to Happiness’ theme, you can win $500, travel, VIP tickets, and a creative mentoring session with TomorrowWorld’s director – An artist’s dream.

Find more information about the contest here.

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