Exclusive: Arno Cost, Norman Doray – Apocalypse (Mehdi Dressy Remix)

Mehdi Dressy has been on the electronic scene’s radar for about 3 years now. However it’s his recent string of free downloads of electro house infused tracks that have seen his status rise significantly over the past 9 months or so. And it seems his next wave of momentum is upon us with his rendition of Arno Cost’s and Norman Doray’s “Apocalypse”. A track that carries with it one the timeless characteristic that is the difference between a good song great one – the x-factor that makes a track legendary and memorable. No easy undertaking to remix then.

Taking a more tribal, edgier electronic feel for the first two minutes, Mehdi’s layers of drums and building textures bringing an ominous, dynamic, development. With the fading in of the iconic melody comes a refreshing nostalgia, for one of the most memorable chordal progression’s which often has its name forgotten. Using pulsating beats and a pace-making bass-line, the tracks climax brings a raw energy the original lost with its polished finish and house-era sound. Incorporating guitar-sounds and a cinematic atmosphere throughout, the encompassing mood is one of rave and satisfaction.

Expat living in New Zealand with a keen ear for the pure form of progressive house and a passion for the electronic scene in general. Fingers crossed you like this site as much as me!

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