Arno Cost Returns With A Free Track

It’s time for your favourite French disco-house-pop artist again. And no we’re not talking about David Guetta or Daft Punk. We’re speaking about Paris based Arno Cost.

After a more than successful year, including releases such as “Coming Home”, “Rising Love” or “At Night”, and not to forget the launch of his triumphant radio show ‘When In Paris’. Rightfully nostalgic, Arno Cost has put together his efforts to produce his new track “Return”, which is available for free now.

One notable highlight was definitely his ‘When In Paris’ night at Amsterdam Dance Event earlier this year, involving names like Nicky Romero, Norman Doray, Mike Mago, Gregor Salto, NEW_ID, Hard Rock Sofa, Kryder and more. This night left such a strong memento that he decided to eternalize it with this track.

“I was so inspired by the last When in Paris during the Amsterdam Dance Event that I wanted to create something that mixed that amazing spirit with the groove of Paris. This is a sound I want to explore more and a bit of a step outside of the box for me. I didn’t want you all to wait for release schedules of record.”

We consider this track a pure masterpiece. Mimicking a very similar, heart-warming and expressive piano like in “The Days To Come”, as well as adding a soulful orchestra-esque violin, Arno Cost’s divine fusion of progressive house hypnotism and pop sounds in “Return” presents the versatility of his sound that could fit perfectly in both the festivals environment and the late night club dancefloor.

Download Arno Cost’s “Return” For Free with the link below!

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