VINAI releases what could be their worst track till date

Under normal circumstances, we would begin a song review by creating an air of acceptance around an artist, highlighting his previous achievements and summarising his accolades over the years. However, when it comes to Vinai, that isn’t quite possible since they don’t have much to show for themselves besides an image of being modern day Andrew Webbers.

In what seems to be an attempt to create a roaring Melbourne bounce track, the duo have once again proven that they’re the best in the business – best at being living incarnations of every imaginable insult known to mankind. In todays world, to become a successful musician, one must display the greatest sense of creativity and artistic soul, all of which are benchmarks that are undeniably hard to meet. Scrolling down Vinai’s Facebook and glancing at their 1.8 million follower count, makes you cringe at the thought that such a large number of people even bothered to visit their page. They don’t deserve the fan base they have, especially since they shamefully disrespect everything our community stands for, with their flagrant CTRL-C – CTRL-V methodology and ear-splitting big room formula.

Get Ready Now to have the rest of your week ruined. Give this pathetic excuse of a track a listen, if you dare. Best of luck.