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Premiere: Chuckie & R-WAN ft. MC Stik-E – High

Chuckie has definitely been one of the most longstanding producers and DJ’s of the industry and over the years, he has continuously provided his signature “Dirty Dutch” style right through our ears. Whether he is cooking up tracks inside his studio or slaying the DJ decks on stage, he always had a knack of delivering some of the most electrifying music to his fans.

With several anthems under his repertoire, such as “Move It 2 the Drum” with Hardwell, “Who Is Ready to Jump”, and “Make Some Noise” with Junxterjack, Chuckie has clearly proven his ground as one of the best producers on the scene. As 2016 came along, the Surinamese-Dutch artist evidently showed no signs of slowing down as well.

Chuckie recently released his collaboration with ‘traphall’ trio ChildsPlay for an incredible tune called “Warrior”. This particular track received a vast amount of support and undoubtedly gave Chuckie a hot start for 2016. With this great momentum in hand, Chuckie has officially returned for another banger, which will certainly make its waves throughout the entire festival season and club scene this year. For this track titled “High”, Chuckie combines his sounds with French producer R-Wan and assembles an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Consisting of an insurmountable amount of energy, “High” has the capability of making an entire crowd jump all the way up to the sky. Right from the get-go, listeners are treated with a striking buildup that consists of a series of claps and vivacious vocals. The towering drop then ensues and brings out the heavy-hitting bass, intense rhythm, and infectious synths. Overall, this bouncy electro house track seems to be another touchdown score for both Chuckie and R-Wan, solidifying their respective statuses as some of the industry’s top talents.

“High” is out now and you can grab a copy here.