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Axwell hints at “Dark River” remode’s release

Together, Axwell /\ Ingrosso have been an unstoppable force. The super duo are a stand-out name in any festival line up, and they continue to etch their mark in dance music history. With well-known hits like ‘On My Way‘ and ‘Sun Is Shining‘ gaining worldwide success, the pair have recently released some solo music in the shape of Axwell’s ‘Barricade‘ and Ingrosso’s ‘Flags‘. This month Ingrosso’s latest hit ‘Dark River‘ saw the Swede return to the distinctive edge he has created over the years. One of his most thorough-bred tracks in recent times, Ingrosso adds an Avicii-esque bridge comprised of plucky guitar, clicks and country flare, and its return to the monstrous drop only ensures ears are on alert and desires are left satisfied.

Today, Axwell took to Twitter to announce that he is putting his own spin on ‘Dark River‘, as the Axwell Remode is set to be released this Friday. Whilst their is no official preview for the track, at least we won’t have to wait too long to hear it in all it’s glory. One things for sure, if it’s anything like Axwell’s previous remodes of the likes of ‘Teenage Crime‘ and ‘I Found U’, then we may be in for another classic from Ax.