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The relationship between exercise and dance music is one that is always growing, with more and more people using Spotify playlists to give themselves gym inspiration. There are fewer daunting tasks on a physical level than the London marathon. The 26-mile course around the UK capital is a real test of mental strength and physical stamina, and so to help all

Mr. Axel Hedfors has without doubt one of the most loyal followings in dance music. More commonly known as Axwell, His music has always contained a beautiful mix of heart, soul and good vibes and his latest work is no exception to that rule. Axwell's remode of his long time partner Sebastian Ingrosso's track "Dark River" has been extremely long in the making.

Together, Axwell /\ Ingrosso have been an unstoppable force. The super duo are a stand-out name in any festival line up, and they continue to etch their mark in dance music history. With well-known hits like ‘On My Way‘ and ‘Sun Is Shining‘ gaining worldwide success, the pair have recently released some solo music in the shape of Axwell's ‘Barricade‘ and Ingrosso's