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Axwell remode of ‘Dark River’ by Sebastian Ingrosso turns 7 years old

Time flies when you’re grooving to great music, and today marks a special occasion for electronic dance music enthusiasts. Seven years ago, the iconic “Axwell Remode” of ‘Dark River’ by Sebastian Ingrosso was released, sending ripples through the dance music community and leaving an indelible mark on dance floors worldwide. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the significance of this track and its enduring influence.

Released on August 2016, ‘Dark River’ was an original production by the renowned Swedish DJ and producer Sebastian Ingrosso. Known for his dynamic approach to progressive and electro house, Ingrosso’s music has consistently captivated audiences. ‘Dark River’ was no exception, boasting a mesmerizing melody and infectious rhythm that quickly gained traction within the dance music circuit.

However, what truly set this track apart was the subsequent release of the “Axwell Remode.” Axwell, another member of the Swedish House Mafia and a master of crafting euphoric and anthemic tunes, took the already impressive ‘Dark River’ and injected it with his signature sound, elevating it to new heights.

Axwell’s reimagining of ‘Dark River’ was nothing short of a masterpiece. The “Remode” version amplified the original’s energy and emotion while infusing it with Axwell’s trademark progressive house flair. The track began with a captivating build-up that gradually unfolded into a tapestry of synths, harmonies, and a heart-pounding beats.

The original version was then added as Bonus Track to Axwell & Ingrosso’s album ‘More Than You Know‘. Relive the iconic record below:


Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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