Ingrosso – Dark River (Axwell Remode)

Mr. Axel Hedfors has without doubt one of the most loyal followings in dance music. More commonly known as Axwell, His music has always contained a beautiful mix of heart, soul and good vibes and his latest work is no exception to that rule.

Axwell’s remode of his long time partner Sebastian Ingrosso’s track “Dark River” has been extremely long in the making. The bare elements of the track were originally created in 2008, long before “Dark River” or even the Axwell^Ingrosso project existed and has been known as the legendary WMC 08 ID ever since Ax debuted it there all those years ago. Many fans have considered this to be one of Ax’s greatest productions ever, and while this new remode does differ from the original, it retains the glorious house vibes and gives the track a nice modern day touch up.

In comparison to the original “Dark River”, Ax’s remode turns it completely on it’s head and changes it from a festival track into a clubbier dance floor destroyer. Featuring purer house vibes than the original, this track is full of signature Axwell production and reminds us all of the days of old. Featuring a pounding house rhythm throughout, this is a track that is impossible to sit still to whilst listening. Without a doubt one of the best releases this year, and in comparison to many other tracks this definitely stands out among the rest as being totally different. The absolutely mental arpeggiated synth that builds it’s way into the remode around the halfway mark is unlike anything heard of today and will completely tear clubs and festivals apart when dropped live.

This arpeggiated synth rises and rises beautifully until finally climaxing into an incredible drop section which retains some elements of the original in terms of the sounds used. As is now typical of Axwell the production values are top notch and some of the sound design exhibited is like nothing else. In what has been one of the most long-awaited Axwell tracks ever, this one does not disappoint at all and is the perfect blend between Axwell’s old and new sound.