Marcus Mouya – Voices Inside My Head/Trust/Gaming Music

After recently covering one of his tracks not so long ago, Marcus Mouya is back with 3 fresh tunes all full of electronic goodness. “Voices Inside My Head”, “Trust” and “Gaming Music” are the latest from Swedish producer and we have to say that these are some special productions.

“Voices In My Head” can be described as an all round lush production. A simple yet extremely effective piano chord progression runs throughout this track and is a fun, uplifting progression layered on top with a catchy avicii-esque synth and a tasteful vocal sample which ensure this tune won’t be quickly forgotten. At times it’s hard to put a label on this track, but no matter what you call it this is an absolute tune.


“Trust” is our personal favourite out of the three and begins with a sublime piano progression from which you can tell immediately a lot of heart was put into this song. Some lovely vocals add further depth before the track quickly cascades into a hard hitting energy fuelled big room banger. The drop section is excellently done and acts as an interesting but exquisite contrast to the lighter opening of the track. A diverse tune in all that really allows us to see the Mouya’s production talents on full show.


“Gaming Music” is Marcus’ tribute to the thousands of gamers out there who have heard his tracks used in gaming videos. What begins as a nice chiptune style track with the fantastic melodies and progressions that Mouya is so good at creating, the track then suddenly turns into a cool bouncy melodic house track and as previously mentioned there are shades of Avicii in the sound of some of the synths and piano’s used here. Overall a great track and tribute to all of the gamers out there.


Gaming Music:

Voices Inside My head: