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Masked duo The Reindeers are two producers hailing from Switzerland. Fresh on the scene, they stepped foot onto their musical path in April of 2018 but being new has never discouraged them in any way shape or form. Their interest in the sweet sound that uplifting house gives off is what inspired them to create music in the first place and they

Hailing from San Diego, producer Teddy Rose is someone who has been absolutely killing it lately. With a huge number of remixes for massive artists like Dua Lipa, Blink 182 and Yellowcard plus brilliant original productions under his belt he is someone not to be underestimated in the slightest. Growing his monthly listener numbers on Spotify lately, he now has over 330,000 and that number is set

Always telling a story through beautiful melodies, Nick Miller known by stage name Illenium has gained a cult following for being able to masterfully conjure up strong emotion through any track or album he releases. His first two albums 'Ashes' and 'Awake' seemed to follow a story line, like they were both born into this intriguing fictional world created by Miller himself. Both studio albums peaked at numbers

American music producer Kaskade, real name Ryan Gary Raddon, is one artist that constantly blows away his fans with each individual track release. He's a mainstay on the festival circuit and a household name that attracts some of the biggest crowds when performing all around the world. Throughout his career, the American has amassed a musical repertoire consisting of the most recognisable tracks

Even since the early stages of his career, Shanahan has earned himself a respectable place in the EDM industry. Known for his euphoric productions which utilize melody and emotion to provide for breathtaking synths, consequently falling into roaring drops, he has already sparked the attention of the likes of Tiesto. His biggest song yet, “Passion” was released onHardwells label Revealed, and also

Steerner and Martell deliver happy moments with the release of their new EP – "Sun EP". Fans of the pair have been eagerly awaiting the release of some new material after countless song snippets and pictures of the pair in the studio. "Sun EP" is blessed with 3 tracks; "Sun", "Crystals" and "Blue", which has been in the making for several

Illenium is a name quickly rising in the ranks, and for good reason. Today, he brings us a beautifully worked official remix of Kill Paris' single, 'Operate.' Music that can arouse emotion in the listener is the best type of music. The song features vocalist Royal, who takes the listener on a captivating journey with moving lyrics and a gentle, yet powerful voice. Furthering that sense