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Roc Dubloc is probably better

Sigala – Sweet Lovin’ (Roc Dũbloc Remix)

Home Uncategorized Sigala – Sweet Lovin’ (Roc Dũbloc Remix)

Roc Dubloc is probably better known as 1/5th of Israeli super-group NEXU. Having created a mighty 139-track mix to mark the end of 2015, his debut performance at We Rave You Sessions in tel Aviv last year also indicated his ability as a solo artist. Formally known as Itay Itshaki, his debut performance happened to be alongside none other than Tom Staar at the club night late last year.

Taking on David Guetta’s “Bang My Head” featuring Fetty Wap and Sia, Roc Dubloc proved his remixing ability were among the more elite in ability. Maintaining the primary hook to keep the template of the track, its teasing development, dropped into a surging progression and deep melody to infuse a flare to the character of the remix. Being locked away in the studio and hard at work. the creation of new material for his future sets, mixes and performances is proven once again with his newly released take on Sigala’s mainstream hit “Sweet Lovin'”.

Maintaining the vocal lead, Roc Dubloc transitions the introductory melody into a morphed and fused sequence of liquid chords. Under laid with extended synths, the potent claps of the original tease the progression into motion. Dropping into a more bassy and electro vibe to the acclaimed tropical one, the track becomes a club-orientated hit. Bridged by drawn chords and distorted melodies, the remix brings a dynamic energy and atmosphere.

Easily one of our favourite remixes of a tropical track this year, Roc Dubloc is one we’ll continue to keep tabs on as his production line continues to be shown. Check out the full clip below!

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