Digitalz – Don’t Need You

A group of producers from Paris has now begun to establish its place within the ever-growing electronic music scene. Known as Digitalz, these upcoming talents have recently released their inaugural single that has evidently received a vast amount of support from listeners around the world. Titled “Don’t Need You”, this track effectively showcases the music prowess Digitalz possess and certainly kicks off their early career in an excellent fashion.

Right off the bat, this lovely tune provides our ears with a flurry of striking synths and vocal chops that immediately capture the audience’s attention. Alongside the introductory sequence, some astounding piano chords begin to come in as well as the track’s main vocals. “Don’t Need You” then transitions into the bass-heavy climax that resembles the signature style of Australian producer Flume.

By also featuring some chilling melodies and hard-hitting drums, the track consists of a flawless combination of several different musical elements, all blending together into one complete package. Overall, with its brilliant electronic sounds and its top-notch production level, this masterpiece is an absolute home run from Digitalz, who are now set to make long strides within this industry.

“Don’t Need You” is out now and you can download a free copy here.