Daft Punk sets a standard with newest Action Figure release

Over the course of their multi-decade career, Grammy winners, Daft Punk, have never strayed from keeping their devoted fans on constant edge. From outrageous LED lighting displays to unbeatable production reach, the French duo are, and always will be, true EDM icons. Setting a staple as far as ‘what they say goes’, the group’s revolutionary self-managed ideas, might just be one of the biggest reasons they’ve gotten as far as they have.

Following suit, their newest creation is no different. Said to hit shelves May 2017, the twosome will now come to life in doll form. Brought to the world by Japanese creators, Medicon, the dolls will replicate Daft Punk’s Discovery- period. Each figure, said to cost a flat $250 USD, is detailed from head to toe, and even includes their famous light up helmets.































H/T: DJMag

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