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Daft Punk announced a new exclusive merchandise drop only available on Spotify to celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Random Access Memories" of their final studio album. Since Daft Punk announced their heartbreaking split in 2021, they are back to announce a collaboration with Spotify as a part of their 'Spotify Capsule Collection' series where they collaborate with many big artists to offer

In the dynamic world of electronic music, a genre emerged in the 1990s that would forever change the landscape of dance music: French House, also known as French Touch, filter house, or tekfunk. Rooted in the rich tapestry of European disco and American dance music, French House has become a defining strand of the late 1990s and 2000s European Electronic

Daft Punk, the iconic electronic duo that has revolutionised the music industry over the years, is set to continue their 10th-anniversary celebration of "Random Access Memories" this November with a unique twist - a "drumless edition" of their Grammy-winning 2013 album. Scheduled for release on November 17, "Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition)" is a reimagined version of the original LP. It

Sometimes the most intriguing moments happen when the cameras aren't rolling. deadmau5 recently shared a captivating story about an unexpected encounter with the enigmatic duo, Daft Punk, offering fans a glimpse behind the helmets. The story begins with deadmau5 walking into a shared dressing room that belonged to him and Daft Punk. However, what he stumbled upon was beyond his expectations.

Amidst the anticipation of Daft Punk's reunion, The Weeknd has temporarily paused his collaborations. Famed pop music sensation The Weeknd has revealed his plan to temporarily refrain from pursuing new collaborations, a decision contingent upon the highly anticipated reunion of the iconic Daft Punk duo. his announcement comes on the heels of his show at the 'After Hours Til Dawn' event in Warsaw.

Daft Punk unmasked: Thomas Bangalter reveals candid insights on duo's split, musical origins, and the future of his solo journey in exclusive BBC interview. In a recent BBC radio interview with 6Music's Matt Everitt for 'The First Time' series, Thomas Bangalter, one-half of the iconic electronic duo Daft Punk, delved into the decision to part ways, their musical origins, artistic vision, and

Daft Punk's critically acclaimed album "Random Access Memories" celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special edition vinyl release. This remarkable edition has quickly climbed the charts on Discogs, becoming the 6th best-selling vinyl in May. In addition, other notable albums such as Tina Turner's "Private Dancer," Chet Baker's "Chet," and Van Halen's "Live: Right Here Right Now" were also among the

Vinyl records have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with collectors and music enthusiasts seeking out rare and iconic releases. In May 2023, one particular vinyl album made waves in the music community when it sold for a staggering $3,617 on the renowned marketplace, Discogs. The album in question was none other than Daft Punk's 'Discovery.' Released in 2001,