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deadmau5 recalls entering Daft Punk’s dressing room and finding two shirtless Frenchmen

Sometimes the most intriguing moments happen when the cameras aren’t rolling. deadmau5 recently shared a captivating story about an unexpected encounter with the enigmatic duo, Daft Punk, offering fans a glimpse behind the helmets.

The story begins with deadmau5 walking into a shared dressing room that belonged to him and Daft Punk. However, what he stumbled upon was beyond his expectations. Inside the room were two Frenchmen with no shirts on, their iconic helmets resting to the side. deadmau5 instantly felt that he may have intruded upon a private moment, but the situation was rather ambiguous.

“It was like I wasn’t supposed to be in there, but I was at the same time because they were like, ‘Sorry, you guys are going to have to use the thing.’ And then I walked in and then just kind of waved,” deadmau5 recounted.

However, what made this encounter truly special was the reaction of Daft Punk. As deadmau5 entered the room, the legendary duo reportedly stared at him with an unmistakable sense of curiosity and intrigue. It was as if he had disrupted their routine or entered a space that was meant to be their sanctuary.

“Like I wasn’t supposed to be in there. Maybe I wasn’t, I don’t know,” deadmau5 admitted, reflecting the uncertainty of the moment. Yet, as electronic music artists often do, he embraced the spontaneity of the situation and made it his own. Without missing a beat, deadmau5 walked over to the fridge, grabbed a beer, and then made his exit, leaving behind an unforgettable, albeit slightly awkward, encounter.

Check out the full video where he speaks about other subjects such as Four Tet, Justice and other artists and industry figures:

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