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Daft Punk continue drumless rollout with release of ‘Motherboard’: Listen

Most producers and fans of electronic music would certainly point to the importance of the percussion of a track, the driving energy of a kick drum, contrasted with the snare hits and cymbals is what gives the music its groove and energy. Of course, Daft Punk aren’t most producers, and their decision to release a drumless edition of their final album, Random Access Memories, further reveals the true depths of their talent and ingenuity.

With the now-defunct duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo celebrating a decade since they released Random Access Memories, the robots surprised fans by delivering a drumless edition of the album. As a new generation of producers continues to cite the French artists as the inspiration to begin crafting dance music, the duo continues to ignore trends and push boundaries for the genre and themselves, even two years after they hung up their masks. Following up on the release of the official 10th-anniversary edition of Random Access Memories, which included the global smash hit Get Lucky, the duo has opted to remove the percussion from the tracks, giving listeners a whole new way to experience the music.

Today, the second track from the album has been released, giving listeners a chance to digest the sweeping musical melodies of Motherboard, an instrumental track that feels even more sprawling and advantageous without the percussion. With Thomas Bangalter returning to his classical composition roots this year, the release of Motherboard is a prime example of how Daft Punk crafted songs that were meant to be so much more than dance club anthems. With just a week to go until the complete album is released, Motherboard will certainly provide even more intrigue to hear the complete project as fans and fellow artists alike continue to digest and study the magic of Daft Punk.

Check out Motherboard below and order a physical copy of Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition) now.

Image Credit: Daft Punk (Press)

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