Ahzee – But A Lie

Ahzee is a unique member of the scene. Hailing from New York, he has seen major success from Europe in particular.

Learning to disk-jockey from an early age, electronic dance music quickly became his passion. Going on to develop hi skill set and understanding, his desires to create and share his own work is now a daily reality. Chasing an innovative approach and strong connection with his fans, his personality alone holds and controls a crowd in an energetic frenzy.

Renowned for his drops among anything, his original tracks such as “Born Again”, “Drums” and “King” have been signed to the likes of House Garden Records and even Ultra Music. In conjunction with this, his 9 track portfolio also includes a collaboration with Faydee, as well as a remix of Alan Walker global chart tropper, “Faded”. With Top 20 chartings in Belgium and France also to add to his resume, his appeal across the Atlantic from his hometown is significant.

Opting for a sound around the Progressive, Electro and Big-Room sub-genre’s, Ahzee has also incorporated his adopted Mediterranean influences. Currently touring in The Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as Belgium and France, his latest track is further proof of his ability to make a crowd move.

Coming with its own official music video as well, Kevin Ahzee’s “But A lie” see’s him pair up with the smooth voice of RVRY. Opening with a more minimal instrumental introduction, the track sinks into a monstrous drop of vocal chopping and thudding bass. Bridging through vocal and delicate melodic layers alongside a steady beat, the track certainly caters for the festivals, clubs and radio’s.

Grab your copy of Ahzee’s track and check out the full preview below!

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