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Remaining at the top of

Alvaro x Lil Jon x JETFIRE – Vegas (JETFIRE Trap Remix)

Home Uncategorized Alvaro x Lil Jon x JETFIRE – Vegas (JETFIRE Trap Remix)

Remaining at the top of Spinnin’ Records most sought after releases this summer, trio Alvaro, Lil Jon, and JETFIRE have accumulated over 240K plays in a matter of two weeks with their colossal big room single, “Vegas“. The 3 minute track highlights each artist’s unique skill set and production expertise, not to mention Lil Jon’s iconic sound, all which undoubtably give the song enough leverage to be played in any musical setting. The foundation itself carries the song with ease to its master of a drop that evidently highlights the song’s one of a kind big bass undertones, and melodic synth work.

With that much momentum following the track since its official release on August 8th, it was only a matter of time before someone took the reigns and remixed the single into something of their own.

Premiering less than 48 hours ago, one of the song’s originators JETFIRE has taken the challenge of enhancing “Vegas”‘s already massive structure, and turned it into a Trap remix unlike most are capable of. This revamp does not only highlight JETFIRE’s Trap roots, it also includes a Metal undertone powerful enough to top the song’s already polished composition. A now extreme electro ballad, this new makeup, 30 seconds longer, includes a more in depth opening and a heightened drop that cohesively blends with Lil Jon’s vocals and the primary background’s harmony arrangement. An all over impressive combination of sounds, JETFIRE did what they do best with this remix and reworked it into something that is guaranteed to get people up and out of their seats.

The trio that is JETFIRE has been on a winning streak this summer, as they move closer to international recognition with singles “Brazil”, “Guest List”, and “Yalem”. The group found their iconic sound by using film score and rock influences which are evident throughout their long list of records. Backed by Hardwell, Afrojack, Blasterjaxx and more, JETFIRE is obviously at the forefront of a career unlike anything on the market today.

Follow JETFIRE on Soundcloud here, and don’t forget to listen to their rework of “Vegas” below.

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