Martin Garrix

Watch: Martin Garrix delivers mighty Lollapalooza set

Martin Garrix has been in the headlines for all the right reason’s lately. A refreshing site for a 20 year old at the top of an industry.

Garrix continued on from his stellar performance at Tomorrowland last month, heading to the iconic Lollapalooza festival. Revisiting many of the tracks that featured in the reputed set, the young Dutchman produced a 47-track compilation that reflected his entire portfolio, his new sounds and his personal taste’s.

Arguably one of the best performances at the festival in Chicago, his split from Spinnin’ Records last year appears to have liberated his creativity and career’s possibilities. Demonstrated by his increased productivity and quality of output, his latest release is evidence of that. Yearning to continually improve, he recently teamed up with one of the trending mainstream writers and vocalists, Bebe Rexha. Their track, “Name Of Love”, is already sitting at 3 million views on YouTube.

Opening with some of his older tracks such as “Animals” and “Wizard”, the inclusion of many mashup’s reflects his catering to his wide appeal. Dropping a number of ID’s as well, his sets now act as a platform for others to tease their work. In turn, showing his status as one of the elite. Closing with 5 tracks of his own, Martin Garrix is a force to be reckoned with in 2016.

Check out the Tracklist and the set below!

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