Zenith & Cosmos – Coalescent

Zenith and Cosmos are two DJ/Producer duo’s hailing from the fabled lands of India. Highlighting the exponential growth in dance music over there, their rising status is something of a trend.

Zenith themselves originated back in 2014, going from a dominant presence within their homeland, to an encroaching image on the international scene. Starting off as more a passion project, their popularity has taken to opening for Blinders and the line up for Hardwell’s tribute party. With track’s getting premiered at Tomorrowland and feature’s on podcasts by the likes of Dannic, much more is promised from the Mumbai lads.

Unbound by sub-genre’s, Cosmos are duo native to New Delhi. An emerging hotspot within India itself. Pursuing a mastering of atmosphere and energy in their work, their controlled and meticulously production sources from their work in the field of physics. Now remixing the likes of KSHMR and Don Diablo to great avail in recent times, the close friends have also been featured on Dannic’s Podcast.

Symbolic in meaning for Zenith and Cosmos, their collaborative track “Coalescent” is one of edgiest  pieces of Electro House we’ve heard from the Asian continent. Employing a cultural centerpiece with the haunted vocals, the blend of old and new sounds of their respective country is infused throughout. Inserting a dominant bassline to form a firm foundation for their artistic flare, the energized synth work encapsulates a dark and deep vibe throughout.

Available as a Free Download, Zenith and Cosmos’ mighty collaboration can be heard below!

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