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As we get closer to the summer, we start getting in the mood for more uplifting tunes, and Cosmos delivered just what we were looking for, with an ethereal, vocal-driven composition titled 'Let Me Go In Peace'. For this new single, the New Delhi producer summoned two power-packed vocalists all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, Luma & Davis Mallory, who's emotional tonalities complement perfectly

Zenith and Cosmos are two DJ/Producer duo's hailing from the fabled lands of India. Highlighting the exponential growth in dance music over there, their rising status is something of a trend. Zenith themselves originated back in 2014, going from a dominant presence within their homeland, to an encroaching image on the international scene. Starting off as more a passion project, their popularity has taken

Dutch duo Vicetone have been on a fantastic role recently, and with successful releases such as ‘Pitch Black’, ‘Nothing Stopping Me’ and ‘I’m On Fire’ all coming in 2015, they are looking to continue this roll of new releases with their first original of the new year. The track, entitled 'Bright Side', features vocals from Cosmos & Creature, and has a much