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Let Me Go In Peace

Cosmos – Let Me Go In Peace (feat. Luma & Davis Mallory)

As we get closer to the summer, we start getting in the mood for more uplifting tunes, and Cosmos delivered just what we were looking for, with an ethereal, vocal-driven composition titled ‘Let Me Go In Peace‘. For this new single, the New Delhi producer summoned two power-packed vocalists all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, Luma & Davis Mallory, who’s emotional tonalities complement perfectly the uplifting nature of the track.

The versatile producer has a history of crossing over between diverse genres and influences, always maintaining a strong melodic foundation throughout his releases. It’s thanks to this versatility that the Indian artist was able to connect with a wide audience and establish a substantial fanbase within, but not limited, to his country. Even in his DJ sets, he’s known to effortlessly blend house, EDM, trap music, as well as commercial tunes, to keep his diverse audience happy.

This new single is heavily driven by the vocals of the talented Luma and Davis Mallory, whose voices are a perfect match and create unique harmonies throughout the tune. The vocals are juxtaposed by Cosmos’ ethereal pads, pulsating synths, and orchestral atmospheres, which generates enough energy while still maintaining a fairly simple rhythmic structure, making it radio friendly and easy to remember. The song finishes on a unique note of a train leaving faintly in the background overpowered by the constant beep of a hung up call.

This song will immediately get stuck in your head, and if you want to learn the lyrics quickly, you can check out the exclusive lyric video. If this is still a new name to some of you, you can check out all his past releases on his Spotify page. Just follow the link to select your favorite platform.