Ferry Corsten & Cosmic Gate – Event Horizon

Two of the most renown names in the trance scene – Ferry Corsten and Cosmic Gate finally teamed up for a long-awaited collaboration titled “Event Horizon”. Both names are of utmost importance of bringing the genre to its current level and despite sharing decks and experience over decades, the dutch pioneer and iconic german duo were yet to join forces and present a synergetic work.

Fusing in the perfect simplicity of the melody with the powerful and influential bassline, typical for Ferry Corsten’s production, the track is a simple tune heading to get stuck in your head for days.

Both Ferry Corsten and Cosmic Gate have shared the excitement of working together numerous times, proving this shall not be the last time for us to experience their collaborative work.

“I’ve been friends with the Cosmic Gate guys for such a long time. Their music is inspiring and matches up really well with what I do, so it was a no-brainer that we’d get into the studio together. I’m really excited by this song and can’t wait to see all the fan reactions when I play it live.” – Ferry Corsten

“After numerous events, we have played together, so many years of fun and good conversations in backstage areas around the globe, we can’t believe it took us so long to get into the studio together! Ferry and his music rule the scene for two decades now, and fortunately, our good personal vibes did not stop on the creative side as well, it went just boom!
Event Horizon brings together Ferry’s and our Signature Sounds in a perfect way, we are proud of the result and have more plans and first beats for a future collaboration in the drawer already!” – Cosmic Gate

“Event Horizon” is out via Ferry Corsten’s own Flashover Recordings and can be streamed or bought from here.