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Ferry Corsten has offered up something different with his new collaborative drop, 'Timeout', released alongside Los Angeles-bred breakthrough talent Dustin Husain. While both production parties Ferry Corsten & Dustin Husain are revered for their work in the Trance realm, they have transcended genre boundaries with the new single, available now on Flashover Recordings. An irresistible house player, 'Timeout' pulsates with a progressive groove and a stylised piano

Last week one of the biggest acts of electronic music Ferry Corsten released another incredible track alongside Belfast-born Ejeca's Trance Wax moniker entitled Black Lion under Corsten's label Flashover Recordings. This track is one of the UNITY projects in which Ferry has previously partnered with other producers such as Ciaran McAuley and Purple Haze (aka Sander van Doorn), and marks

British house outfit Oxen Butcher has just unleashed “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”, where lighthearted production juxtaposes attention-grabbing lyrics about unrequited freedom from vocalist Bonnie Rabson. Out now on Ferry Corsten's Flashover Recordings, “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” is the perfect summertime tune to belt out and forget about

Successfully remaking a classic track is no ordinary task, but this Italian talent may have very well accomplished that. Known as Inner Voice, this trance and progressive DJ and producer recently showcased his prowess to the world once again with a brilliant edit of Gouryella’s 2002 hit called “Ligaya”. Prior to this release, Inner Voice has been capturing the public’s eye

Two of the most renown names in the trance scene - Ferry Corsten and Cosmic Gate finally teamed up for a long-awaited collaboration titled "Event Horizon". Both names are of utmost importance of bringing the genre to its current level and despite sharing decks and experience over decades, the dutch pioneer and iconic german duo were yet to join forces

Fantastic, fabulous, Ferry. Ferry Corsten has been making quite the noise from his production desk in 2015 but there wasn't much doubt about it given his legacy, his sound catalogue and the fact that he brought back every Trance addicts beloved Gouryella moniker. Aside from the tangled set of aliases, the Dutch Trance master focused on his own productions with the release