Premiere: DLMT & RAWD ft. Stevyn – Forbidden Dreams

Future House Music continue to be a strong force within the Future House genre having found real gems from unknown artists with hardly any following to now rising stars such as Spinnin’ star Jonas Aden. By finding all this talent, they have paved the way forward when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the Future House genre and today we are lucky enough to exclusively premiere their very next release – DLMT & RAWD ft. StevynForbidden Dreams – a collaboration between two upcoming Canadian producers featuring soulful vocals from Stevyn.

Forbidden Dreams‘ kicks off with an excellently mixed vocal alongside a smooth future house sounding chord progression which flows into a more percussive beat. This begins to build up with various filters before dropping into a very powerful pluck sound with a punchy kick. On the whole, ‘Forbidden Dreams‘ is a unique and original approach to taking on the future house genre as within the track you can hear trap and deep house elements, therefore making it a very exciting track to listen to.

Check out DLMT & RAWD ft. StevynForbidden Dreams in the link below via Future House Music‘s YouTube channel or via Spotify and be one of the first to hear it!