Premiere: Gemellini – ISLA

Sydney-based duo Gemellini are back on Big Beat with their tribal-infused “ISLA”. Following the success of their previous releases, such as “Cavenda” on Kryder’s iconic Sosumi, as well as “Manga” on Code Red the pair are raising the bar up high.

Punchy and catchy, “ISLA” is the perfect closing of their dynamic summer schedule, carrying a bit of inspiration from the world’s favorite party island:

ISLA means Island inspired by THE Island ‘IBIZA’! We wanted to make a record that reflects the energy of Ibiza and its party scene!

Inspired by one of their favorite names in the scene – Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, “ISLA” is a remarkable fusion of tribal & progressive house, current in modern days. When asking how to best describe its sound, Gemellini agree on 4 points – “Percussive, upbeat, big breakdown and soulful energetic drop”.

As the electronic scene is one of the quickest industries to change, bringing quality productions to life is the most challenging task of every up & coming producer. However, being fans of Ableton Live, the Australian duo worked in perfect harmony to polish this one off in just 3 super-lengthy studio sessions

This track was seamless between the two of us as were both thinking the same creatively.

Earning their spot in remarkable label-families such as Sosumi & Code Red, we can certainly agree that this will not be the last time we hear of them.

We Rave You gives you the unique opportunity to indulge yourself in this funky production, as we premiere it a day before you can hear it in the Big Beat Ignition Compilation coming out on October 15th.

ISLA is included on Big Beat Ignition Compilation. We’re stoked to be on such a great compilation with some great artists including our good friend Dave Winnel. They are a great label and always a pleasure to work with!