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Dynamic Australian duo Gemellini are back with a brand-new floor filler! Taking on Rage Against The Machine's cult-classic hit-single, 'Killing In The Name Of', the Sydney-based brotherly-duo have once again displayed their versatile production abilities. From the get-go, Gemellini's remix hits hard, boasting brooding basslines and a pumping kick drum, before the iconic opening guitar riff enters the mix. Chopping up the lead guitar

Sydney-based duo Gemellini are back on Big Beat with their tribal-infused "ISLA". Following the success of their previous releases, such as "Cavenda" on Kryder's iconic Sosumi, as well as "Manga" on Code Red the pair are raising the bar up high. Punchy and catchy, "ISLA" is the perfect closing of their dynamic summer schedule, carrying a bit of inspiration from the world's favorite party island: ISLA