Tommy Trash

Tommy Trash & The Aston Shuffle’s “Sunrise” turns 4 years old today

Tommy Trash and The Aston Shuffle’s collaboration “Sunrise (Won’t Go Home)” has stirred tens of thousands of crowds in its time. Now celebrating its 4th year since its release, the track still packs a mighty progressive punch, even today.

Releasing on Axwell’s reputed label, Axtone Records, the Tommy Trash version of the track was an impressive return for the label after some time off during summer. Taking the original to a much more energetic level, the remix marked another massive hit by the charismatic Australian DJ/Producer.

Following in the footsteps of his Beatport chart topping record with Sebastian Ingrosso with “Reload” on Refune Records, the LA-based artist was promptly picked up by the admiration of Axwell at the time. And with the fellow Australians, The Aston Shuffle, themselves fusing dance music and pop at the time, and gaining significant recognition for themselves, it made for a very attractive track title.

Originating from a track he took a fond liking to, the tracks atmosphere was flipped on its head towards a monstrous electronic offering. Debuted in raw form, live on  BBC Radio 1’s broadcast from Ushuaia, Ibiza during Axwell’s ‘Hot Mix’, it then went on to be mastered into the piece we know today.

Gaining a remix from the likes of Dyro in the months that follows, Tommy Trash’s distinctive sound will forever live in this timeless track. Now comfortably over 3 million plays online, check it out below and let us know your memories of it!

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