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The Aston Shuffle kicked off 2017 on a high note with the launch of their new radio show, Only 100s. The mix series began with a massive 2016 compilation followed by monthly editions featuring some of the best tunes around. The Australian house act is on a successful run lately releasing Only 1, Make A Wrong Thing Right and Pass You By, which have all managed to grab millions

After establishing themselves as two of the most creative producers in the business, The Aston Shuffle have finally returned for another absolute hit. With numerous successful releases under their belt, such as "Tear It Down" and "Sunrise (Won't Get Lost)" alongside Tommy Trash, the Australian duo has become a crowd favorite amongst many electronic dance music fans across the globe. Following

One of the better known tracks from Avicii’s second official studio album, ‘Stories’, gets its remix package that consists of four total tracks. “Broken Arrows”, which features country singer Zac Brown, has received a lot of support ever since its release. With Zac Brown’s distinctive vocals and Avicii’s beautiful melodies, the combination of the two styles is nothing short of