Avicii releases “Broken Arrows” remix package

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One of the better known tracks from Avicii’s second official studio album, ‘Stories’, gets its remix package that consists of four total tracks. “Broken Arrows”, which features country singer Zac Brown, has received a lot of support ever since its release. With Zac Brown’s distinctive vocals and Avicii’s beautiful melodies, the combination of the two styles is nothing short of impeccable.

Proving the track’s success, it has been critically acclaimed by many individuals and its music video on Youtube has been garnered over 7 million views. Months after its release, “Broken Arrows” gets remixed by British-German duo M-22, Australian house duo The Aston Shuffle, Swedish producer Didrick, and young Miami-based producer Kid, compiling into the four-track collection.

The package kicks off with M-22’s take on “Broken Arrows”, in which they provide their deep house flavor. The Aston Shuffle’s remix consists of a blissful and uplifting beat and an high-pitched edited version of the original’s vocals. Kid includes his mixture of house and hip-hop styles for his magical remix and Didrick finishes it off with their incredible progressive house sounds and unimaginable melodies.

‘Broken Arrows (Remixes)’ is out now and you can grab a copy here.