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After recent news about Axwell /\ Ingrosso leaving Ash Pournouri's At Night Management in order to rekindle their cooperative partnership with former Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thomson, further news have emerged concerning Ash Purnouri's power brand. According to a reliable source, more artist have followed Axwell /\ Ingrosso and silently left At Night. Surprinsingly, this affects Otto Knows, iSHi and Didkrick. It

Anyone who is familiar with Didrick's music will already know what a talented producer the Swede is, and he epitomises the phrase 'quality over quantity'. Every time there is news of his latest release, you can guarantee it's going to be worth the wait. Having signed to At Night Management back in 2015, alongside the likes of Avicii and Cazzette,

One of the better known tracks from Avicii’s second official studio album, ‘Stories’, gets its remix package that consists of four total tracks. “Broken Arrows”, which features country singer Zac Brown, has received a lot of support ever since its release. With Zac Brown’s distinctive vocals and Avicii’s beautiful melodies, the combination of the two styles is nothing short of

There's no hiding the fact that Tomorrowland brings together the best of what the industry has to offer year after year. The most popular, arguably biggest acts, see themselves fit onto the Main Stage line-up, back-to-back, for three days straight. But there's a little more to Tomorrowland than just the picturesque Main Stage and 50,000+ people jumping in unison. Much