The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk – Starboy (Vicetone Remix)

The Weeknd‘s “Starboy” featuring the likes of Daft Punk has completely dominated the airwaves this month. It marked the return of Daft Punk after a three year break and was also the first single off The Weeknd’s upcoming album. With those facts, that hype and a killer tune; Starboy is quickly rising through to the top of the charts for this year. Given its momentum, there are a flurry of remix approaching our way. One of the notable ones from the array is from our friends, Vicetone.

The Dutch duo are an established power in the music industry, delivering all kinds of genres and sub genres. Vicetone have taken a turn in their journey over the years and have blended into the pop scene in the process. Their previous release, Anywhere I Go was a massive hit among both dance music fans and pop alike. We can see them following the same suit with the preview of their new remix, which remains quite close to the original but has been given a more ‘dance-ish’ feel.

Grab your free copy of Vicetone’s remix below: