3LAU, Alesso and Valentino Khan join Mannequin Challenge

Reputed for their musical talent, 3LAU, Alesso and Valentino Khan, the trio are the latest top tier names to join the Mannequin Challenge craze.

The current ‘buzz-trend’ in the western world, the new ‘Harlem Shake’ has attracted thousands of versions from around the world to be undertaken. After the impressive scale of Marshmello‘s earlier this week, 3LAU, Alesso and Valentino Khan are putting their performances and charisma within it.

Perusing the freeze frame is the easy part. With the logistics and skill required to attain the angles that differentiate a good one from a great one, it is no easy task with thousands of adoring fans in the background, as is the case for 3LAU and Alesso. However, Valentino Khan’s more humorous, simplistic version still gets our approval.

See for yourself the new additions below from the dance music scene, and let us know your thoughts on which one is best!

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